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Lorna’s garden. This archway actually has three types of clematis growing on it; they are Clematis ‘Mrs N Thompson’, Clematis Montana ‘Fragrant Spring’ and Clematis Montana ‘Wilsonii’. As you see ‘Wilsonii’ has taken over and this spring gave us a fantastic show of flowers and fragrance.

Mike constructed this 'jungle garden' during lockdown. The majority of the plants we already had. Look who's moved in - just Polly!

Libby & Mike’s garden in Cardinham

Avis’ garden in Bodmin

Margaret’s garden in Cardinham

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Tim & Katrina’s garden on Boconnoc: Lockdown Flowers

March: Rhododendrons   April: First Bluebell   May: Laburnum

June: Iris   July: Roses   August: Passion Flower

Claire & Mark’s garden: Pinsla

Pinsla Garden opens for the National Garden Scheme (NGS), which gives visitors access to exceptional private gardens all over the country and raises millions of pounds  for nursing and health charities.

Rosemary’s garden in Cardinham

Marion’s garden in Mount

Mick’s garden in Millpool

Penny & Geoff’s garden in Bodmin

Sarah’s garden in Lostwithiel

We bought the house just three years ago and it was a 'new build' with all the associated problems of builders rubble dumped in what top soil there was. I spent weeks digging it all out and removing it and then digging in soil improver but it was time well spent. Whenever magazines feature ‘small’ gardens, they are still large in comparison!  At its widest point it is just 24 x 20ft but we still have room for two beds, a pond, a large shed, a patio area and a greenhouse which is stuffed full of Pelargoniums, two tomato plants and, in the winter, the lemon tree. The garden also now has a resident hedgehog. In some ways, gardening on a small scale can be just as rewarding, as every plant has to earn its keep and you have a much more intimate relationship with them all.

Richard’s garden in Tywardreath, less than a mile from the sea!